Waha Festival

Waha Festival on a blissful hilltop in Romania (Transylvanian forest). A conscious festival experience for the mind, body and soul in the middle of nature, under the clear starry sky.

5 musical stages, spread out to capture a wide variety of live and electronic music, ranging from ambient and jam sessions to house/techno and psy.





Tristram likes to bring outstanding music together with deep philosophical messages to create a sense of Joy/Bliss while learning and taking on board information. Describing this as “Taking a trip with yourself” encapsulating the listener into the world of self realisation. This environment has always been an interest to Tristram having been on his own journey seeking truths from all sources for many years.

Tristram hopes to help shift the mindsets of the people he connects with, in order to help them grow individually and as one.


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Andy Boscher:

Andy brings passion, love and dedication to music that is rarely seen on this planet. His DJ abilities stand far beyond the norm with mixing skills that bring the most out of each track selected to play. The way he can read a vibe and sense a feeling of a dance floor really does show how he can think far beyond himself in the moment and create a vibe that presents a special moment in time!

Hear him play and decide for yourself!

Lastest DJ mix: